“I’ve been going to Dr Gunnell for nearly 30 years. He is the best. I’m excited for his expanding business!”

Emily Nielson

“Best Dentist around! He is conservative, kind, fun, outgoing and does great dental work! Strongly recommended :)”

Nicole P.

“Best Dentist in Cache Valley. Has been our dentist for 15 years and has been great! Would recommend to anyone!”

Jeff Brimhall

“Awesome dentist! We have been going to see him for over 22 years!! He takes care of our whole family!”

Trish Andersen

“Dr. Gunnell’s office is excellent! His dental exam is very comprehensive and professional and he is very genuine and caring. The office staff is always happy, friendly AND efficient. Highly recommend them!”

Nanette Ahlstrom

“Dr. Gunnell is a FABULOUS dentist! We live in Salt lake but drive up every 6 months just to see him as a dentist. His dental assistants are competent and actually know how to clean your teeth without making your mouth feel like a ton of bricks hit it or scrape off some of your gums while de-plaquing (True story, happened to me at a different dentist). he actually cares about you (and doesn’t just write random stuff down and ask you about it 6 months later, he actually remember and cares. Fabulous dentist, great staff. worth the drive.”

Kait Whittle

“Dr. Lance Gunnell has been my dentist since I move here 22 ago. He is very carrying and had always take a good care of me, daughter and now granddaughter. I will not trade him for another dentist”

Lydie Loyer

“Best dentist ever! I have an enormous fear of dentists, but him and his assistants always make me feel so calm. Also, he is the only dentist I’ve been to that doesn’t hurt almost ever, and I’ve seen a few. Even the shot is pretty painless.”

Carson Wright

“I absolutely love Dr. Clay Gunnell and his staff. My daughter needed some dental work done and had a bad experience at the last dentist we had seen and was not happy about needing to have it done. We first got there and immediately my daughter sat on the couch in the waiting room, in a little ball. His assistant Jeanine, needed to get a picture, but my daughter wouldn’t cooperate. Jeanine was cool, fun, silly and awesome, and had multiple pictures by the time she was done!

Then we were called back. Dr. Gunnell spent the first appointment making her feel at ease and asked questions, made balloon animals, showed her his teeth, pulled out a mirror, and anything else he could think of until she was finally okay.

When we left, I asked my daughter if we could come back, and she happily replied that he was the “nice dentist” and that she wanted to come back again. She also had my other kids who were home, convinced that they needed to see him too!

I also loved and appreciated being spoken to like a person, not blamed for things out of my control, and then being told if I needed anything, to please ask. (I’ve been told that by others, but this was the first time I felt it would be true) I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Gunnell to anyone who asks.”

Nicole Lindsay

“Dr. Gunnell’s office got me into their schedule quickly after I had an issue with a tooth. Dr. Gunnell took time to talk to me about my teeth, but got the work done in a timely manner. Overall the staff are very professional and dedicated to serving their patients.”

Isaac Rhea

“Dr. Clay is excellent! He listened to my concerns about getting a new night guard! Most dentists I’ve seen have disregarded my preferences and done what they think is best. He listened and got me what I needed AND wanted, and now I sleep great. He and his staff are so personable!”

Emi Champagne

“I highly recommend Dr. Clay Gunnell for any dental needs. His office is easy to get in touch with and well organized. They fit me into their schedule right away. Dr. Gunnell addressed all my questions and gave high quality care to me and my husband. He is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and friendly.”

Kate Clissold Parkinson

“Dr. Clay Gunnell and his staff are extremely professional and very knowledgeable. Dr. Gunnell is able to answer any question you have regarding treatment and takes time to explain what procedure he is going to do. I highly recommend him and his team for any dental needs.”

Ryan Cooper

“My son and I went in to Dr.Gunnell’s office for a second opinion about reshaping some of his teeth. Dr. Gunnell not only gave us an estimate on the opinion we were seeking but another alternative as well. He was completely upfront and thorough with all costs and procedures for each option. We came back to him to complete the work and are beyond happy with the results!! Not only was Dr. Gunnell’s work impressively perfect but he and all his staff were above and beyond helpful from the moment we walked in the door! His is a wonderful practice to visit!”

Jenny Ringer

“Great dentist. He is upfront about all treatment options. He will take the time to explain so that you can make an informed decision. He tends to be more conservative.”

Janeen Seguin

“Honestly, I normally HATE the dentist! But the receptionist was smart, kind, and friendly. The dentist took extra care of my sensitive teeth and took time to explain everything. Lol he even drew pictures for me!”

Jamie Erickson

“Dr. Gunnell and his office are excellent. I felt comfortable from the second I walked in the door. Dr. Gunnell is very kind and takes his time explaining things which I really appreciate. I highly recommend.”

Michael Brechon

“Saw Dr. Clay Gunnell, had a wonderful experience! His staff was friendly and helpful and he was very professional and great at his job! I felt well cared for and important. Will definitely visit again!”

Emily Clissold